Tips for Brides and Grooms

Who Pays For What?

In the 1990's there are no absolute rules about who pays for what. The following list indicates the traditional assumption of expenses for those who wish to follow these guidelines. Today, however, the groom's parents and/or the coupe may offer to share the wedding expenses. Meet to discuss this at the beginning of your planning to determine a realistic budget and exactly who will be responsible for which eaxpenses so there are no misuderstandings or hard feelings later on.


1. Wedding ring for the groom.
2. A wedding gift for the groom.
3. Presents for the bridal attendants.
4. Personal stationery.
5. Accommodations for her out-of town attendants.
6. Physical examination/blood test.


1. The bride's rings.
2. Wedding gift for the bride.
3. The marriage license.
4. Gifts for the best man and ushers.
5. Flowers: bride's bouquet and going away corsage, corsages for mothers, boutonnieres for the men in the wedding party.
6. Accommodations for out-of-town ushers or best man.
7. His blood test.
8. Gloves, ties or ascots for the men in the wedding party.
9. Fee for the clergy.
10. The honeymoon.
11. Optional: bachelor dinner.


1. The entire cost of the reception: food, wedding cake, beverages, gratuities for the bartenders and waiters, decorations, music, flowers.
2. A wedding gift for the newlyweds.
3. The wedding invitations, announce ments and mailing costs.
4. Bride's wedding attire/trousseau.
5. The fee for engagement and wedding photographs.
6. Ceremony: rental of sanctuary, fees for organist, soloist or choir, and sexton (sometimes included in charge for premises, but if not, these people have set fees) aisle carpets and/or canopy and any other additional costs for decorations.
7. Bridesmaids' bouquets.
8. Gratuities to those directing traffic as well as parking costs and coat check fees.
9. Transportation for bridal party to the wedding ceremony and from ceremony to reception.
10. Bridesmaids' luncheon.
11. Optional: rehearsal dinner.


1. Clothes for the wedding.
2. Any traveling expenses and hotel bills they incur.
3. Wedding gift for bride and groom.
4. Optional: the rehearsal dinner or other expenses they elect to assume.


1. Traveling expenses.
2. Wedding gift for the couple.


1. Wedding attire.
2. Travel expenses.
3. Wedding gift for the couple.